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I have been writing my entire life … or at least since I learned my ABCs. I write less about ponies and princesses these days, but I still explore my fantasies. I also draw a lot on my own experiences, which by rights should horrify me … if I had any shame.

I am a lifestyle dominant, which means I live and breathe BDSM. I have been active in the kink community for over a decade, first as a submissive and later finding true fulfillment in embracing my true role as a Domme. For me, kink is as much about control as it is sex – exerting, seizing and watching another partner yield it to me.

Having a man serving me can be quite the aphrodisiac though, and I never can fully separate BDSM and sex. I am a sadist, taking exquisite pleasure in hurting my partners, but I believe strongly in consensual play. BDSM, done right, is like a dance between two partners, working together to create something beautiful and sensual.

I explore female power in my writing, because it is a topic that I find endlessly fascinating. Women have the ability to captivate and possess men through our appearance, body language and words. We hold the cards, and I love delving into that ability. I discovered my own power over men when I was in a teenager. I believe in the inherent strength of women. We are incredible creatures, especially when we truly find ourselves and learn to tap into the almost magical power we all possess.

My first work, The Houseboy – Part 1, explores a woman’s discovery of her inner Domme and follows her as she learns just how much she enjoys being in control. My second book, With Lustful Intent, focuses on a younger, free-spirited woman who uses her charms to ensnare her town’s new preacher. My third book, Two in the Hand, follows an experienced Domme as she considers taking on a new submissive partner or two.

Despite what some may think about FemDom and dominant women, I absolutely adore men. I enjoy their company, and I have loved several in my lifetime. I believe that this love of men also carries through my writing. The women may be in charge, but they usually act with love and caring as their primary motivations. Life without men would not be nearly as wonderful. I just happen to prefer them at my feet.

My writing is a further exploration of what I have learned in the kinky travels of my life. I draw upon what I have lived and infuse that in my words. I have been a professional writer for many years, but I am only now beginning to share my erotica.

I hope you enjoy my work, and I look forward to sharing more of it with you.

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