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Angel of Blood & Lust

Cover: Angel of Blood & LustLycia is an angel of sorts who has been summoned to Earth to exact justice. Lycia is beautiful, but she is anything but innocent. There is bloodshed, violence, a touch of mystery, and lots of steamy sex.

This novelette is something of a departure from Ariana Paige’s usual work. Combining paranormal and horror with her usual, steamy erotic writing. Angel of Blood & Lust is a fun read that simultaneously explores the power and perversity of evil men.

This book is available on and is FREE for Kindle Unlimited.

An Excerpt:

He spun back toward the girl, who had barely moved since he had shaken her awake. He silently stepped towards her, stopping at her feet. He pulled his suspenders off his shoulders and peeled off his sweaty, blue shirt. His trousers fell, and he jerked his hard dick free from his underpants. He threw himself on top of her, his weight pinning her down against the hay. He covered her mouth with one hand, his other forcing her legs apart.

The tip of his cock found its mark, forcing its way inside her. He began bucking his hips violently, shoving himself deeper and deeper between her legs. His mouth found her breast, and he sucked on her quickly hardening, nipple. The skin of her tit felt soft against his face. He lapped at it, savoring what he thought for a moment might be the sweet taste of mother’s milk.

The girl suddenly shook awake, her legs kicked against his weight and her arms stretched out beside her. “Quiet now, girl,” the man whispered. “Don’t make a damn sound, and you’ll be fine.” His hips continued thrusting, and he rested his arm across her chest, holding her body flat against the barn’s dirt floor. She didn’t make a sound and whatever resistance she had initially offered faded.

He stared into her face, scowling. Her blue eyes were as blue as lake water and shining back at him, but the expression on her face spooked him far worse than the storm the night before had frightened the horses. She wasn’t scared or crying. In fact, he thought he heard her giggling. He slid his hand away from her mouth, his hips slowing their assault. She grinned at him.

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