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A Quick Note on the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2

I am truly excited about the release of The Houseboy – Part 2. Honestly, I’m excited any time I publish a new book and get to share it with the world. Writing is a true joy in my life and often a distraction from the mundane, day-to-day sort of bullshit that most of us deal […]

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Five Stars for The Houseboy – Part 2

The first review for The Houseboy – Part 2 is in, and it is :: drumroll :: 5-Stars!!! I am ecstatic to see the sequel received so strongly. I have been worried that somehow I may have lost my way on my two endearing characters, so it’s even more wonderful to get such a glowing review. Excerpt: An […]

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How I Make Love

Sex for me isn’t just about BDSM. Sure giving (or even getting – shh) a nice spanking is amazing foreplay, but being kinky isn’t just about bondage and discipline. I love the roughness of a man’s hands on my body, the awareness of our two animal selves losing our better sensibilities and simply succumbing to […]

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Celebrate the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2 with a FREE Book

To celebrate the release of my latest erotic title, The Houseboy – Part 2 on Tuesday, August 30th, I am giving away copies of Part 1 on this Sunday, August 28th, and Monday, August 29th. While Part 2 stands well on its own, I wanted to help new readers enjoy it even more by […]

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What Makes FemDom So Sexy

I am obviously biased, but face it, there is something undeniably sexy about FemDom. Whether it’s in porn, mainstream media or reality, a woman taking the reins absolutely titillates us. It’s been that way since way back in day. Some of the earliest and most iconic photographs of scantily clad women feature whips and crops […]

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The Houseboy – Part 2

Pre-Sale Available Now – Live on August 30th Thirty-something Karen continues her journey into dominance with her hunky submissive Mark on his knees beside her. As Karen dives deeper into BDSM, she finds ever more satisfaction in her life with a well-trained, well-hung boy that she could have only dreamed of before. “If only I […]

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Book Trailer for The Houseboy – Part 2

Yesterday I unveiled  the cover for The Houseboy – Part 2. Today, it’s time for the trailer. Pre-orders should go on sale by Monday, with the book released on August 30th! I am extremely excited about this one, and I hope that my readers and fans of The Houseboy – Part 1 will enjoy it too!

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Cover Reveal: The Houseboy – Part 2

The Houseboy – Part 2 is  done and ready for publication. Pre-sales will be available on Amazon in a matter of days with an August 30th release date. Advanced copies for review will be available by Monday. Please click here to request one. Here is the cover of this long-awaited follow up: The Description: Thirty-something Karen […]

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First Taste

Sneaking into my bedroom, quietly turning the lock on my door and hoping no one would bother to check on me for a few minutes, just a few short minutes. I had rushed home from school, my head abuzz after seeing him – after TALKING to him. He was cute, so damn cute. He knew […]

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When My Own Writing Turns Me On

I catch myself, breathing a little faster, my toes curling just a bit. Captivated by the words on the screen, I need to know what happens next. What is she going to do to him? How will she do it? How will he respond? These characters come to life before my eyes and in my […]

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