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Playing Hookie

I find myself some days feeling brittle and uninspired. I still haven’t made it yet as a writer. I am exploring genres and the voices in my head that ache to come out. I feel good about my work. But until these people who share my mind start paying the bills, I have no choice […]

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Summer’s End

I have had quite the summer. A trip to Lake Tahoe, lots of time at the pool, plenty of fun with my boy, and a shit ton of writing. Before June 9th, I was not a published writer. I was a dirty-minded chick who wrote stuff from time to time, but never shared any of […]

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A Quick Note on the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2

I am truly excited about the release of The Houseboy – Part 2. Honestly, I’m excited any time I publish a new book and get to share it with the world. Writing is a true joy in my life and often a distraction from the mundane, day-to-day sort of bullshit that most of us deal […]

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How I Make Love

Sex for me isn’t just about BDSM. Sure giving (or even getting – shh) a nice spanking is amazing foreplay, but being kinky isn’t just about bondage and discipline. I love the roughness of a man’s hands on my body, the awareness of our two animal selves losing our better sensibilities and simply succumbing to […]

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Why I Write Erotica

Of all the genres in all the world, this one had to walk into my life. I tell stories about characters stripping off their clothes and engaging in acts that most people would prefer to keep behind closed doors. My characters hurt each other. They bite. They slap. They use painful implements to bring pain […]

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