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The Big Reveal

He steps out of the shower. I can see him from where I’m laying, my head propped on the pillows and the covers pulled snug over my body. He knows I’m there, watching him. He towels off his body, drying himself slowly in front of the open door. The scent of soap and shampoo travel […]

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Keeping Up with the Neighbors

It was evening. I’d worked late, and I was tired. I dropped my briefcase by the door, kicked my heels off and wandered into the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I liked practicing the law, but a day of taking and then summarizing depositions had taken its toll. I ferried my vodka tonic to […]

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You’re the Star – Contest Deadline Coming Soon!

Yes, I am still waiting on YOUR entry. I have received so many wonderful submissions to this contest, and I cannot wait to pick a winner and get started writing his or her naughty story! It may be a FemDom tale, it may be a tale of female submission, or it may just be a […]

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Good Boy

“Take off your pants.” That one simple phrase She uttered scared me. Her voice always felt commanding, yet She never spoke her orders with the least bit of anger. They were simple utterances meant to direct my action, her intentions always painfully clear. My job was not to interpret them or to give the least […]

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How I Make Love

Sex for me isn’t just about BDSM. Sure giving (or even getting – shh) a nice spanking is amazing foreplay, but being kinky isn’t just about bondage and discipline. I love the roughness of a man’s hands on my body, the awareness of our two animal selves losing our better sensibilities and simply succumbing to […]

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The Houseboy – Part 2

Pre-Sale Available Now – Live on August 30th Thirty-something Karen continues her journey into dominance with her hunky submissive Mark on his knees beside her. As Karen dives deeper into BDSM, she finds ever more satisfaction in her life with a well-trained, well-hung boy that she could have only dreamed of before. “If only I […]

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Cover Reveal: The Houseboy – Part 2

The Houseboy – Part 2 is  done and ready for publication. Pre-sales will be available on Amazon in a matter of days with an August 30th release date. Advanced copies for review will be available by Monday. Please click here to request one. Here is the cover of this long-awaited follow up: The Description: Thirty-something Karen […]

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First Taste

Sneaking into my bedroom, quietly turning the lock on my door and hoping no one would bother to check on me for a few minutes, just a few short minutes. I had rushed home from school, my head abuzz after seeing him – after TALKING to him. He was cute, so damn cute. He knew […]

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Coming Soon – The Houseboy – Part 2

I have just completed writing The Houseboy – Part 2. The book continues Karen’s journey into BDSM, as she continues to discover the Domme inside her. With her every so good (and well-hung) boy, Mark at her feet, Karen’s story unfolds in several interesting ways. Part 2 is currently at roughly 17,500 words, about 5,000 more than […]

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Why I Write Erotica

Of all the genres in all the world, this one had to walk into my life. I tell stories about characters stripping off their clothes and engaging in acts that most people would prefer to keep behind closed doors. My characters hurt each other. They bite. They slap. They use painful implements to bring pain […]

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