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Chat Event: Shh … Dispelling The Myths About BDSM

I’m excited to announce I will participate in a chat event hosted by the group Shh … [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…] on The event promises to be a fun one, and I am thrilled to be taking part. The event runs all day on Thursday, November 17th, so you will have plenty of opportunities […]

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Interview with The 131 Preview Review

I recently did an interview with writer and blogger S.I. Hayes for her 131 Preview Review blog. Our conversation delved into everything from my favorite kinky toys to boobs and blow jobs, as well as a good bit about my books and characters too! We had a fun time chatting, and I’m sure you will […]

Read More 20 Naughty Questions Answered

I had a wonderful time answering the 20 Naughty Questions for the awesome romance review website You can read all of my answers here. An excerpt: Have you ever sexted? Yes. Though once you’ve had sex in a public dungeon in front of nearly everyone you know, sexting seems sort of blah. Weirdest place […]

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My Interview on

I did an interview for erotica blogger Lars Kaiden. You can read it at An excerpt: What inspires you to write in your genre? I love sex. Period. I am a bit of a wanton slut, though I’m a lot choosier than I used to be. Sex is an incredible and fun topic to […]

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