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Essay in This Girl Reads … and Writes

In addition to my short story being published in the latest issue of Math Magazine, I’m delighted to have an essay on developing characters and chemistry in the premiere issue of This Girl Reads … and Writes magazine. My piece, titled “Divining Chemistry” is featured on page 80, but be sure to check out the […]

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Short Story Featured in Math Magazine

One of my short stories is featured in the new issue of Math Magazine (Issue No. 4). The story is a vastly improved (read even hotter and sexier!!!) update to my short story Mile High Punishment. If you haven’t checked out Math Magazine, you really should. It features erotica photography and writing, but unlike a […]

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Beta Readers Wanted

As I near completion of my first novel, I am seeking a few experienced beta readers to help me fine-tune and proof the novel. As an independent writer who also works full time, writing a novel has been a challenging undertaking. I need help preparing it for publication. I am occasionally guilty of silly typos. […]

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Summer’s End

I have had quite the summer. A trip to Lake Tahoe, lots of time at the pool, plenty of fun with my boy, and a shit ton of writing. Before June 9th, I was not a published writer. I was a dirty-minded chick who wrote stuff from time to time, but never shared any of […]

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A Quick Note on the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2

I am truly excited about the release of The Houseboy – Part 2. Honestly, I’m excited any time I publish a new book and get to share it with the world. Writing is a true joy in my life and often a distraction from the mundane, day-to-day sort of bullshit that most of us deal […]

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Celebrate the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2 with a FREE Book

To celebrate the release of my latest erotic title, The Houseboy – Part 2 on Tuesday, August 30th, I am giving away copies of Part 1 on this Sunday, August 28th, and Monday, August 29th. While Part 2 stands well on its own, I wanted to help new readers enjoy it even more by […]

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With Lustful Intent – Free Through Aug. 19

Sometimes things stick in your craw and you just cannot let them go. When I wrote what I felt was a beautiful, if not dirty and devious, book called With Lustful Intent, I felt an incredible amount of pride in publishing the book. Unfortunately the book received a truly unfair initial review and then just […]

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The Problem with Paid Review Blogs

Look, I’m not about to criticize anyone for finding a way to make a buck. The self-publishing marketplace has blown up about a dozen ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to monetize all sorts of different aspects of the publishing world. Unfortunately, it has also opened a gigantic cans of worms. Paid reviews. I understand the time […]

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