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Short Story Featured in Math Magazine

One of my short stories is featured in the new issue of Math Magazine (Issue No. 4). The story is a vastly improved (read even hotter and sexier!!!) update to my short story Mile High Punishment. If you haven’t checked out Math Magazine, you really should. It features erotica photography and writing, but unlike a […]

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The Big Reveal

He steps out of the shower. I can see him from where I’m laying, my head propped on the pillows and the covers pulled snug over my body. He knows I’m there, watching him. He towels off his body, drying himself slowly in front of the open door. The scent of soap and shampoo travel […]

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Keeping Up with the Neighbors

It was evening. I’d worked late, and I was tired. I dropped my briefcase by the door, kicked my heels off and wandered into the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I liked practicing the law, but a day of taking and then summarizing depositions had taken its toll. I ferried my vodka tonic to […]

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Good Boy

“Take off your pants.” That one simple phrase She uttered scared me. Her voice always felt commanding, yet She never spoke her orders with the least bit of anger. They were simple utterances meant to direct my action, her intentions always painfully clear. My job was not to interpret them or to give the least […]

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The Play Date

Sometimes things just come together perfectly. I had set up the “play date” for my boy for one reason and one reason only – live gay porn. Confident in my consent, he opened his mouth and began licking and pulling at the fleshy head of Lance’s cock with his tongue and lips. His own eyes […]

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Mile High Punishment

We were forty thousand feet over Utah, midway through our flight to Las Vegas for a much needed long-weekend. We had the usual casino plans – lose a few hundred bucks playing cards, catch a show or two, and just relax by the pool in between. My boy was by my side. We had lucked […]

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