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Essay in This Girl Reads … and Writes

In addition to my short story being published in the latest issue of Math Magazine, I’m delighted to have an essay on developing characters and chemistry in the premiere issue of This Girl Reads … and Writes magazine. My piece, titled “Divining Chemistry” is featured on page 80, but be sure to check out the […]

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Beta Readers Wanted

As I near completion of my first novel, I am seeking a few experienced beta readers to help me fine-tune and proof the novel. As an independent writer who also works full time, writing a novel has been a challenging undertaking. I need help preparing it for publication. I am occasionally guilty of silly typos. […]

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The Big Reveal

He steps out of the shower. I can see him from where I’m laying, my head propped on the pillows and the covers pulled snug over my body. He knows I’m there, watching him. He towels off his body, drying himself slowly in front of the open door. The scent of soap and shampoo travel […]

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Playing Hookie

I find myself some days feeling brittle and uninspired. I still haven’t made it yet as a writer. I am exploring genres and the voices in my head that ache to come out. I feel good about my work. But until these people who share my mind start paying the bills, I have no choice […]

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Keeping Up with the Neighbors

It was evening. I’d worked late, and I was tired. I dropped my briefcase by the door, kicked my heels off and wandered into the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I liked practicing the law, but a day of taking and then summarizing depositions had taken its toll. I ferried my vodka tonic to […]

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Summer’s End

I have had quite the summer. A trip to Lake Tahoe, lots of time at the pool, plenty of fun with my boy, and a shit ton of writing. Before June 9th, I was not a published writer. I was a dirty-minded chick who wrote stuff from time to time, but never shared any of […]

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When My Own Writing Turns Me On

I catch myself, breathing a little faster, my toes curling just a bit. Captivated by the words on the screen, I need to know what happens next. What is she going to do to him? How will she do it? How will he respond? These characters come to life before my eyes and in my […]

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