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Coming Soon – The Houseboy – Part 2

I have just completed writing The Houseboy – Part 2. The book continues Karen’s journey into BDSM, as she continues to discover the Domme inside her. With her every so good (and well-hung) boy, Mark at her feet, Karen’s story unfolds in several interesting ways. Part 2 is currently at roughly 17,500 words, about 5,000 more than Part 1.

Of course revisions and proofing still must happen, but I anticipate setting a publication date for The Houseboy – Part 2 by the end of this week. I anticipate that it will be sometime around August 29th. I am positively thrilled that so many readers have taken to Karen’s story, and I look forward to seeing your opinions of the follow up.

Oh, and of course Part 2 means there must be a Part 3. Unlike Star Wars, though, I solemnly promise: No Ewoks!

If you haven’t read The Houseboy – Part 1, then you really should. Go grab your copy at

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