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Angel of Blood & Lust

Cover: Angel of Blood & LustAvailable Now at

Lycia is an angel of sorts who has been summoned to Earth to exact justice. Lycia is beautiful, but she is anything but innocent. There is bloodshed, violence, a touch of mystery, and lots of steamy sex.

This novelette is something of a departure from Ariana Paige’s usual work. Combining paranormal and horror with her usual, steamy erotic writing. Angel of Blood & Lust is a fun read that simultaneously explores the power and perversity of evil men.

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The Houseboy – Part 2

The Houseboy - Part 2Available Now at

Thirty-something Karen continues her journey into dominance with her hunky submissive Mark on his knees beside her. As Karen dives deeper into BDSM, she finds ever more satisfaction in her life with a well-trained, well-hung boy that she could have only dreamed of before.

“If only I could have kept him bound there forever, just to admire and enjoy. His body was a work of art, adorned with the marks I was leaving on his skin.”

The Houseboy – Part 2 picks up Karen’s story a few months after Ariana Paige’s Five-Star rated The Houseboy – Part 1 left readers.

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Two in the Hand

Two In The HandAvailable now Amazon

As an experienced Domme, Mistress Lisa is a damn tough cookie, at least on the outside. On the inside, she misses having a submissive boy by her side.

A bar bet with an alpha male turns into something more, far more than she expected. After introducing Ryan to BDSM, she discovers his curiosity for submission and just how much humiliation and pain turn him on. Could this younger businessman be the new boy she is seeking?

Lisa seeks to steer Ryan’s lust and desire towards her younger friend. Melinda hasn’t yet discovered the dominant woman lurking inside herself. Her own desire for Mistress Lisa and her own love for tasting the whip hold her back.

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With Lustful Intent

With Lustful IntentAvailable now Amazon

Ashley is a beautiful, free-spirited young woman in a small town. Uninhibited and untamed, she sets her sights on the town’s handsome, new minister. When he rejects her attempts to entice him, Ashley lays a plan to lure him in and trap him.

I was twenty-six. I was in no hurry to settle down, and the last thing in the world I wanted was to find myself beholden to some man. No one owned me. I did the owning, and I liked it that way just fine.

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The Houseboy – Part 1

Book Cover: The HouseboyAvailable now at

When hardworking, thirty-something Karen finds her life too busy to keep up with her day-to-day chores, her friend Shelly helps her recruit a houseboy. What she finds in Mark is a gorgeous, hunk of a younger submissive man who is eager to do whatever it takes to please her.

‘You are mine, tonight, aren’t you, boy?’ I sneered, already knowing the answer and ignoring the ‘Yes, Ma’am,’ that passed through his lips. ‘You’re my little bitch, and I’m going to make you earn every bit of my attention. Is that clear?’

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