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Essay in This Girl Reads … and Writes

In addition to my short story being published in the latest issue of Math Magazine, I’m delighted to have an essay on developing characters and chemistry in the premiere issue of This Girl Reads … and Writes magazine. My piece, titled “Divining Chemistry” is featured on page 80, but be sure to check out the entire issue of this new publication.

In the essay, I delve into my writing process and how I shape characters and the relationships between them. I focused heavily on my 5-star rated series The Houseboy, and how I established a meaningful connection between the two central characters — Karen and Mark.

An excerpt:

Karen wasn’t simply a horny 35-year-old woman. Mark wasn’t simply a 20-year-old stud. They both possess much greater texture than just that.

Sure plenty of women might relish the thought of sex with a younger man or simply enjoying him as eye candy, but it was Karen’s need for a more meaningful relationship that caused her to desire to unravel her partner’s secrets. Similarly, Mark yearns for something more too. He is hurting inside, and he needs an older woman to serve as both mother and lover to help him overcome his pain.

You don’t need to have read The Houseboy (Part Three coming this spring!!!) to enjoy the essay, but you really should read it anyway. I mean, it’s a pretty damn hot time with a hot young fella who will steam up your Kindle.

Get The Houseboy here, and go read my essay at This Girl Reads … and Writes!

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