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First Taste

First TasteSneaking into my bedroom, quietly turning the lock on my door and hoping no one would bother to check on me for a few minutes, just a few short minutes.

I had rushed home from school, my head abuzz after seeing him – after TALKING to him. He was cute, so damn cute. He knew I was alive, he even seemed to – gulp – like me. My friend told me so.

A mild crush crashing into reality, suddenly feeling real, so very real.

This boy, this beautiful, wonderful, glorious boy might like me. His words faded into nothingness before they even left those delicious lips that I couldn’t take my eyes off. My own voice filled with giggles and clumsy yesses. I would have agreed to anything with him.

Masturbation MondayOh that anything and all its infinite possibilities. The fantasies of a young girl’s mind took flight in forty directions at once. His eyes, his lips, his hands, his, well, his everything.

And me, drifting through it all, lost in a sweep of emotion and desire. Raw sensations born inside my virginal womb behind my bedroom door.

So sweet in memory now, so raw, so fucking unkempt. Youthful innocence cast aside for a first real taste of womanhood, so far from now, so far from who she would become, but taking her first steps toward getting there.

Ariana Paige is a lifestyle dominant and an author of erotic fiction. Her newest book, The Houseboy – Part 2 goes on sale on August 30th. She has published four erotic titles, which are available on Amazon, including the Five Star reviewed The Houseboy and Two in the Hand. You can her author page or find her on Goodreads and FetLife.

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