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How I Make Love

tumblr_mmee0qJoWq1s7r334o1_500Sex for me isn’t just about BDSM. Sure giving (or even getting – shh) a nice spanking is amazing foreplay, but being kinky isn’t just about bondage and discipline.

I love the roughness of a man’s hands on my body, the awareness of our two animal selves losing our better sensibilities and simply succumbing to whatever feels good. That for me is where sex turns kinky and then becomes great.

So much has to do with communication, between me and my lovers, as well as between my brain and my body. Usually the later involves the never-ending quest to shut my mind off for a change. With my lovers, it comes through body language, the sounds we make and, of course, the words we use.

I like vocal partners who tell me what they like through their moans and sighs. I absolutely love ones who can directly tell me what feels good, offer a little direction now and then, and of course who respond to me when I do the same.

I adore partners who can simply release themselves into the moment most of all. They make sex seem so effortless and truly spectacular. Their pursuit of pleasure – theirs and mine – takes over and our bodies simply move together in a writhing pulse of skin and lips and tongues and hands.

This is where the magic happens between the sheets, in the back seat of the car, on the kitchen floor or wherever we find ourselves. We are but two unconscious beings coming together as one for a brief moment shared in time.

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