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Keeping Up with the Neighbors

It was evening. I’d worked late, and I was tired. I dropped my briefcase by the door, kicked my heels off and wandered into the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I liked practicing the law, but a day of taking and then summarizing depositions had taken its toll. I ferried my vodka tonic to the couch ready to put my feet up and fall asleep with the TV running.

A triangle of light from the kitchen cut across the dark living room floor, pointing me toward my destination. My hand slipped a bit as I set my drink on the coffee table, knocking a stack of bills onto the floor. “Fuck me,” I sighed, as shibariI bent down to pick it up. Kneeling on the floor, I quickly thumbed through envelopes making sure nothing urgent was hiding there.

I held one bill up in the light and noticed something moving off in the periphery above it. My eyes shifted quickly and I saw them. I have no idea why they left their curtains open. My window looked directly into the long, wide window of their apartment. Perhaps they assumed no one was home in the dark room next door. Maybe they didn’t care.

Either way, I quickly found myself an audience of one. Sarah, my neighbor was stripped naked, her arms held behind her back. She stood slightly at an angle to me, and I could see her wrists were bound. The placid, almost blissful look on her face, her eyes closed, told me nothing was wrong. I couldn’t help but admire her lovely breasts and taut stomach.

A man I had seen with her before in the hallway stood behind her, his shirt off and his muscular chest and arms on display. He held the length of the rope as he towered behind her. He began wrapping it around her chest. He pulled the rope around her shoulder, over the top of her breasts and back to meet itself a few inches above her wrists.

He threaded the rope underneath itself, pulling it slowly but forcefully through. He yanked it back, jerking her wrists up higher, before passing it back over her shoulders and around her chest again.

For a moment, I considered getting up and closing my blinds. Surely, I shouldn’t be watching this intimate moment between these young lovers, yet I couldn’t look away. Something in the intricacy of his tying her held me transfixed.

angelofblood_bannerI let the mail fall from my hands, grabbed my drink and leaned back against the corner of the couch to watch. I stretched out my longs legs and took a sip. I set the glass down on the carpet beside me. My eyes not leaving this show, a mere twenty feet away, for a moment.

He brought the rope behind her again, this time adding some sort of knot behind her back and then passing it now under her arms and beneath her breasts. They looked so full framed by the rope. As he brought it back behind her, he added another knot or a twist. The rope seemed to have ran its length, and I assumed he would simply tie it off.

Instead, he somehow joined another rope to it, attaching the ends in what seemed like magic. He raised the new rope toward her shoulder. I heard myself sigh a bit, as he gently brushed her ash brown hair off to one side, placing the rope, almost delicately, across the base of her neck.

Something in the tenderness of his touch, the precision of his movements and the beautiful rope on her naked body got me. I knelt for a moment, losing sight of them, as I unzipped my skirt and slid it and my hose down my legs. I sat back, bare-ass on my carpet, and stripped from the waist.

My eyes found them again. He stood behind her still, his body close, touching her as his hands did their work. He ran the rope first over, then under the ropes at the top of her chest, then passed them in turn through the ropes below. He tightened the length as he pulled it back up. The fullness of her breasts grew as they seemed to swell within the binding.

I slid down a bit against the wall and pulled my feet back slightly. My raised knees fell open, and my hand found its own way between my legs. My fingertips drew slow circles over my clit. My eyes followed his fingers as they brought the rope back behind her. He let the length of rope fall, his fingers stroking her shoulders then drifting down her chest.

Masturbation MondayI imagined his strong hands on my body, squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples as he was hers. The smell of my lust filled the room. My pussy growing wetter, as my mind conjured up his touch on my skin.

I followed his gorgeous body as he circled hers. He stopped and took her face in his hands, tilting her gaze upward. He kissed her softly, letting his hands fall behind her, weaving his fingers between her skin and the ropes that held her still. His kisses ran from her lips to her neck then to her breasts, and he took to his knees before her and began sucking on her nipples.

The sounds of my breathing quickened, as I gasped and began to moan. My eyes locked on his face as he delighted in her body. Her soft expression hardened as the building rush within her grew. Her mouth fell open as she gasped with me, my voice, my breathing taking the place of hers.

He reached between her legs and passed the length of rope through them. With intoxicating patience, he fed it through until it pulled tight between her lips. A grimace flashed across her face. He took the rope, which I now realized was in two strands, and his fingers worked out a small knot. My own fingers worked faster, as I pictured myself bound so perfectly by him.

He stood and brought the rope upward, again passing it between her engorged breasts. He fed it through the wrappings across her chest. He pulled it tight, bringing the knot flush against her own clit. My voice cried out as he began tugging on the rope, flexing that delicate knot against her cunt.

He could nearly hear her own cries of pleasure as he teased her, and my own fingers teased me to the edge of climax. I closed my eyes for a moment, my lungs struggling for air. My body shuddered as the thrill of watching their performance spun wildly into the pleasure my own fingers were bringing.

My legs drew tight, my feet clenched and I screamed out loudly. My fist pounded the floor, and the tension that had bound me all day long vaporized amid the bursts of delight that shot through my entire body.

My chin fell against my chest, and I breathed deeply. Little quakes and spasms traveled through me. I shook my head at how naughty I felt, having watched these two as I enjoyed myself.

I looked back up for one last glance, prepared to settle in at last and let them have their games to themselves. Instead, my eyes met his, as he stared through their window and into mine. He ran a hand over his chest for a minute, smiling at me as he did, before he pulled the curtains shut.

Ariana Paige is a lifestyle dominant and an author of erotic fiction. She has published four erotic books, which are available on Amazon (FREE for Kindle Unlimited), including the Five Star rated The Houseboy, The Houseboy – Part 2  and Two in the Hand. You can view her author page or find her on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and FetLife.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Neighbors”
  1. Kayla Lords November 1, 2016 on 10:33 pm Reply

    Unf. Bondage is so seductive. I love that their eyes met at the end. 🙂

  2. Red Passion Writings November 18, 2016 on 8:56 pm Reply

    Great story! Very sexy and erotic. And clearly a woman knowing what she likes and free to give herself the pleasure she wants. Thanks for sharing

    • kfz versicherungen preisvergleich August 28, 2017 on 9:49 pm Reply

      mokongo ya nkoba | (23:38) Ata akufi, ye nani po to sala matanga? c’est un simple collabo comme les autres , un narciste qui passe son temps a se miroiter devant les cameras! Soki bozangi eloko yako loba bovanda calme que plutot koluka libabe ya makasi

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