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Beta Readers Wanted

beta_readersAs I near completion of my first novel, I am seeking a few experienced beta readers to help me fine-tune and proof the novel. As an independent writer who also works full time, writing a novel has been a challenging undertaking. I need help preparing it for publication.

I am occasionally guilty of silly typos. I often rewrite as I write, which sometimes leads to sentences with two verbs and even the rare unfinished thought. It’s how I work. I believe it generates great stories, but it does cause a problem or two now and again.

I’m also new to this process, and I want to give my readers the best read I can. I don’t want them distracted by any inconsistencies and error-laden text. So, I need a few helpers with fresh eyes to help me improve the work.

As an self-published writer, I cannot afford to hire an editor, or I likely would explore that option. So, I need your help.

Here is what I am looking for a few volunteers who:

  • Has done this before,
  • Have a firm grasp of the English language,
  • Enjoy reading dirty stories (this one is very naughty),
  • Care about independent writers,
  • Can devote the time to provide notes and edits.

I expect to have the working draft of the book completed within two weeks. I would like to have at least two beta readers lined up to receive copies then, so they can read the book as I work through some initial rewrites. I know I need to add a chapter or two, as well as additional details about one of the characters.

If you are interested in volunteering, I would love to have you. Please click here to send me a message so that we can discuss getting started.

As I said, I cannot afford to pay an editor, and I definitely cannot afford to pay a beta reader. Here is what I can offer, an autographed copy of my first novel in print, plus a credit on the title page (using whatever name you would like) and my eternal gratitude.

So, would you like to join me on this adventure? Send me an email and let’s get talking, so you can get reading!



One thought on “Beta Readers Wanted”
  1. rascal November 13, 2017 on 3:02 pm Reply

    Please forgive me for not replying sooner to your message. I am at your service. rascal

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