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With Lustful Intent – Free Through Aug. 19

With Lustful IntentSometimes things stick in your craw and you just cannot let them go. When I wrote what I felt was a beautiful, if not dirty and devious, book called With Lustful Intent, I felt an incredible amount of pride in publishing the book. Unfortunately the book received a truly unfair initial review and then just never took off.

Pardon this brief commercial interruption: You can download With Lustful Intent for FREE through August 19.

Now, I appreciate reviewers, and I am a big girl who can handle criticism, certainly when it’s fair. In this case, the review was ridiculous. The reviewer clearly expected something different than what he or she got with this book. It wasn’t BDSM, wasn’t smutty enough and didn’t have actual FemDom in it. Shit happens. I know, I know. Unfortunately, rather than reviewing my book on its merits, he or she chose to give the book 1 star (aka The Death Star for sales) and that was the only review that With Lustful Intent received for about a month.

Why? Because no one was downloading the damn thing because of one asshat’s review. Like pretty much ever author on Amazon, I checked out his or her history of reviews and guess what? He or she has given every single book reviewed either 1 star or 5 stars. WTF?!?

Seriously, there’s no gray area in between? No ability to think, well, this book wasn’t for me, but it’s still OK at least.

The other reason that With Lustful Intent died on the vine is because I was still new at marketing and promoting the book. This was my second self-published work. I subsequently learned more about sending out ARC copies of my books, using Goodreads to recruit honest reviews, and so on and so forth. I succeeded in getting an additional review (4 stars this time).

I also moved on to writing my next book and promoting it more effectively. Sales are better, positive reviews are coming in, and the world is a much happier place — for everyone but the characters in my second book that is.

And this is where the “sticks in your craw” part comes in. I want people to read this fucking book. I put a lot of time and thought and care into crafting it, and I remain proud of it. So, if I’m not going to make a dime off the thing, I may as well give it away.

Thankfully, Amazon let’s you do this — for a limited time, anyway. With Lustful Intent has always been free for Kindle Unlimited readers, but until August 19, it is also FREE for anyone to download.

The book is still not pouring off the digital shelf, but it’s getting out there. I really hope you will take a chance on it too. If you do, please consider taking just a few minutes to post a review to Amazon. Even if you don’t like it.

All I ask is that you be fair and a little thoughtful when you do.


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