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A Quick Note on the Release of The Houseboy – Part 2

TheHouseboy2-HomeBannerI am truly excited about the release of The Houseboy – Part 2. Honestly, I’m excited any time I publish a new book and get to share it with the world. Writing is a true joy in my life and often a distraction from the mundane, day-to-day sort of bullshit that most of us deal with. Having the opportunity to share my work and words with readers who seemingly enjoy what I am publishing only makes that more rewarding.

When I wrote Part 1, I wasn’t certain exactly what would become of it. The story of Karen and Mark simply spilled out of me. Once I had completed it, I realized that I had created a pretty neat Act 1 to a three part story. Still, I wasn’t sure where that story would lead and whether anyone out there would care to read it.

As I came to realize that Karen’s discovery of BDSM and female domination seemed to strike a chord with initially just a handful of readers, I knew I had to return to telling the story of their lives – or at least these few moments of their time together. Upon starting Part 2, I found myself feeling an intense pressure to keep true to these characters, not because they were mine, but rather because they now belonged to everyone who had read the previous book.

I honestly wasn’t sure I could pull it off. Once I had written the final word of the initial draft and I gave it my first read through, I was thrilled to see that that, at least for me, I had recaptured them and carried them forward. That is, of course, my opinion, and I am blatantly biased.

So far, Part 2 has received a single review, but it was glowing. I was especially struck by the reviewers recognition that these characters could be any one of us, rather than some stereotyped Domme and her pathetic boy. That told me I had probably done my job well. Still, I await more reviews, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that others will find it equally as enjoyable.

What started as just a little bit of fun and then turned into a novella and now a sequel will of course continue. I will begin writing Part 3, likely in a few weeks. Once I have finished it, and I am as happy as a writer can ever possibly be with her work, I will publish it as a stand-alone work to complete the series. I will also compile all three books into a complete edition as a novel – both in ebook and in print.

I cannot wait to see this little project come to completion, and I hope that you will be along for the rest of their journey. I do not know that Part 3 will spell the end of Karen and Mark as characters in my life and on the screen of my laptop. I do adore them, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them reappear somewhere down the road, either together or separately, either in their pasts or in their futures.

I have other characters that I deeply wish to explore more, though as well – particularly sweet, beautiful Melinda from Two in the Hand. There is something to her innocence, despite the depravity she eagerly participates in, that I cannot help but be drawn toward discovering. I am also hard at work on my next book, which has lead me down a path of re-discovering my own somewhat distant life as a submissive. I am curious to see how you respond to that tale.

No matter where this road takes us, I am positively thrilled to have the opportunity to share smart, witty, kinky stories about BDSM done right with you. Then again, I am even more grateful that so many of you seem to get that and have taken pleasure in reading my work.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Ariana Paige

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