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Short Story Featured in Math Magazine

One of my short stories is featured in the new issue of Math Magazine (Issue No. 4). The story is a vastly improved (read even hotter and sexier!!!) update to my short story Mile High Punishment.

If you haven’t checked out Math Magazine, you really should. It features erotica photography and writing, but unlike a lot of other offerings out there, Math is female owned, with a definite focus toward women readers. Of course, that doesn’t mean guys won’t enjoy it too!

Here’s a blurb from Math‘s web site:

“With a passion for re-envisioning porn through depictions of desires that are often sought but rarely seen, we celebrate desire and sex with a special attention to quality, narrative, playfulness, nuance, passion, and variety. Math Magazine maintains a dedication to highlighting an array of genders, an assortment of bodies, and a bouquet of beauty types in every issue.”

A huge shout out to MacKenzie (XOXO!!!), Math‘s editor in chief, for her help and awesome feedback in guiding my story to publication. It’s an absolute thrill to see my work in print.

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