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Summer’s End

sunsetI have had quite the summer. A trip to Lake Tahoe, lots of time at the pool, plenty of fun with my boy, and a shit ton of writing. Before June 9th, I was not a published writer. I was a dirty-minded chick who wrote stuff from time to time, but never shared any of it.

Then one day, Karen just showed up out of the blue.

Well, not exactly out of the blue. She and I spent several days hanging out on the couch, watching TV, reading a bit. After we got to know each other better, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I have a story to tell, will you help me?”

She seemed pretty cool, and we got along well. So, I pulled out my laptop and followed her lead, which is not usually my strong suit. I realized Karen really did have something say, and I found the words spilling onto the page one after another after another.

I kept what I was doing a secret, still unsure what I would do with it when I was finished. A week or so later, and Karen’s story was pretty much told. At least the first part of it. I did a little bit of research into publishing on Amazon, I designed a cover, and I published my first ebook, The Houseboy – Part 1.

I had no idea how much my life would change after I pushed that magical publish button. No, I’m not getting rich off of this indie writer gig just yet. I am determined to keep growing my readership (I haven’t whored myself out this much in forever!), and I dream someday be able to quit my day job.

Until then, I am content to draw my paycheck in the form of positive responses from readers and from the support that I have found in the erotica writing community. We perverts are often the best people you’ll ever meet.

But Karen did one other thing for me. She shook something loose and helped me regain that creative spark I thrived on when I was younger. I took creative writing in college. I wanted to be a writer. I never got around to it.

While my aspirations back in the day were to write the great American novel, I’m glad to no longer be waiting for it to fall into my lap. I love sex, and I love talking about it. So, writing erotica probably came more naturally for me than writing some general fiction novel anyway. Plus, I’m writing!

The thrill of putting words on a page, as my characters chase through their stories, could anything be more exciting?

Wait. Don’t answer that. I can think of a lot of things – mostly involving leather, chains and willing flesh. Any volunteers?

But even at my most hedonistic, I will always want more. Sex and orgasms and intimacy have their place. So, the pursuit of the sheer simplicity of telling a story to an engaged reader has come to own a tremendous place in my life and in my heart.

I’m not completely sure where Karen came from or what experience in my past gave birth to her. But, I am so grateful that she showed. And I’m grateful that you did too.


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