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The Houseboy – Part 1

Book Cover: The Houseboy

An Erotic Story of BDSM and Self-Discovery

Now available for download from Smashwords and Amazon, the new erotic story of a professional woman who discovers the power of female domination.

When hardworking, thirty-something Karen finds her life too busy to keep up with her day-to-day chores, her friend Shelly helps her recruit a houseboy. What she finds in Mark is a gorgeous, hunk of a younger submissive man who is eager to do whatever it takes to please her.

An excerpt:

I let my fingers grip his hair, tugged gently at it once or twice. Feeling my courage grow, I yanked hard, jerking his head back and to the side, forcing him to look up into my eyes. ‘You are mine, tonight, aren’t you, boy?’ I sneered, already knowing the answer and ignoring the ‘Yes, Ma’am,’ that passed through his lips. ‘You’re my little bitch, and I’m going to make you earn every bit of my attention. Is that clear?’

Despite her inexperience with BDSM and kink, Karen quickly discovers that the power she holds over Mark excites her and how much she enjoys hurting her willing, new toy. Through her relationship and sexual adventures with him, she finds her passion and desires awakened.

The Houseboy is a thoughtful, but sensual exploration of female dominance, sadism and erotic fantasy.

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  1. […] I wrote Part 1, I wasn’t certain exactly what would become of it. The story of Karen and Mark simply spilled […]

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