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The Play Date


Sometimes things just come together perfectly. I had set up the “play date” for my boy for one reason and one reason only – live gay porn.

Confident in my consent, he opened his mouth and began licking and pulling at the fleshy head of Lance’s cock with his tongue and lips. His own eyes never leaving me until he turned to take Lance’s pretty prick all the way into his mouth.

Watching two men together is hot. Period. So much man, so much gorgeous manly flesh pressing together, I can’t help but love it. I’m sure it’s the same reason that so many guys go crazy for woman-on-woman stuff. For me, that’s boring, and most female porn actresses do little for me. The fake moaning and all that. But two boys, naked and fucking right in front of me, how could a girl possibly say no to that.

We met (let’s call him) Lance at a bar a few weeks before. I took my time vetting him carefully. As my pet’s Mistress, I’m not only in charge of him, I’m also responsible for his well-being. Not just anyone is good enough to for my boy. After a few long emails back and forth and after seeing his nice body at the bar, I was convinced Lance made the cut. He was considerably younger than us, in his early twenties. Young boys like him were useful for this sort of thing. They wanted sex, and they usually weren’t interested in becoming attached at the hip anytime soon.

The date was set, and I reserved my seat on the couch. I made my pet lay out a couple of soft blankets on the floor a few feet in front of my perch, and we waited nervously for the door bell. My pet had been with other men before, and we had done a couple of MMF threesomes as well. Still, there was something about “performing” for me that had him on edge.

Masturbation MondayLance showed up a few minutes late. My pet brought us each a drink to help lighten the mood. He was a few inches taller than my pet, with dark hair and broad shoulders. We talked through our drinks, and I sent my boy to fetch me a refill. I looked at Lance and asked, “Are you ready for this?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for days.”

“Good,” I smiled back, my eyebrow raised and my pussy growing wet already.

My pet handed me my glass of single malt, and I leaned back to enjoy my show. I stared at my boy and flashed him an “Are you ready?” look. He nodded and smiled. “Go kiss him,” I told him.

Lance stood up from his chair. They met in the center of the blankets. My pet ran a hand up to Lance’s cheek, stroked it as they each let their gaze sink into each others eyes. My boy leaned in and gave Lance a soft kiss on the lips, then another. Lance kissed back, and in a heat beat they were lost in a sea of lips and tongues. I gasped a little.

“Don’t stop there,” I said. “Off with your shirts.”

They took turns pulling off the others shirts, then locked their lips back onto each other. Their hands tenuously touching their partner’s chest. Neither of them were ripped – I don’t particularly care for washboard abs and six packs – but they both had bodies that no girl in her right mind would turn away.

Their hands slowly began to explore, running over pecs, teasing nipples, and soon cupping each others asses. I watched as their hips began to grind together, their hardening cocks straining against their jeans. Almost unconsciously, I had slid my skirt up, my fingers gently rubbing my clit.

“No more pants,” I barked out. My pet turned and saw me masturbating. He smiled, and dropped to his knees. He slowly unbuckled Lance’s belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and unzipped his fly. Lance’s hard cock sprung free. He had a lovely dick, not too big, but with a lovely swollen head and a nice firm shaft. You never know about a guy’s package until you have it in your hands, but Lance’s would do quite nicely.

My pet looked at me again, his eyes ablaze with that electric charge of raw sex. He stood up and undid his own jeans. Both men let their pants fall to the floor. I laughed a bit as they both struggled to step out of them. Real life is never as perfect as the movies, but those clumsy, imperfect moments only make things more real.

“Don’t stop,” I snapped. “I just want to watch you two.” They started kissing again, their hands gripping each others cock, stroking each other as they just let themselves get lost in their animal selves. I ran my middle finger along my pussy, feeling how wet my lips had become. I was practically gushing at the sight of these beautiful naked men about to get each other off.

My pet let his lips and kisses trace a line down Lance’s neck, his chest, his stomach and finally to the tip of his cock. He turned again, partly for my approval, but mostly because he wanted to know I was watching him. My eyes were beaming, I’m sure, and he gave me a naughty smile. Confident in my consent, he opened his mouth and began licking and pulling at the fleshy head of Lance’s cock with his tongue and lips. His own eyes never leaving me until he turned to take Lance’s pretty prick all the way into his mouth.

I began rubbing my pussy faster now, as my boy’s head began to bob up and down on that hard cock. Lance let out a sigh and let his hands fall onto my pet’s neck and shoulders. He gradually began fucking his mouth, as his hands instinctively slid up and gripped my boy about the ears. Lance never looked at me, his attention locked in on his cocksucker.

“Oh, look at you,” I said. “Sucking that cock like a pro. You’re such a fucking slut, aren’t you?”

My boy nodded his head, refusing to let go of Lance’s cock. He ran his tongue along the shaft, and then buried his face in his balls. I could hear him licking, as Lance let out litany of moans. My pet slid his hand over Lance’s cock and kept stroking him.

Lance pushed my boy’s head away, and my boy rose to his feet. They kissed again, Lance savoring his own cock and balls on my boy’s tongue, as their dicks brushed against each other. Lance wrapped his arms around my pet, and they embraced in a firm, grapple as their tongues entwined.

I nearly came right then, but I held myself off as Lance released his grip and dropped in front of my boy. He took his turn sucking cock. I’ve never known a man with a cock harder than my pet’s. It’s gentle curve hits me in that perfect spot when we fuck, and I have to succumb to my temptation to just worship it now and then.

Lance wasn’t as experienced a cocksucker as my pet, but he was eager about it. He sloppily sucked at my boy’s dick, his hand pumping it as he did. I kept working myself over, massaging my clit as I fingered myself too. I had given up on any sense of being a proper lady by this point, my feet pressed into the front of the chair, my knees raised, spread wide open and unconcerned. I brought my finger to my lips, tasting my delicious juices. The smell of my pussy filled the room like incense, as the sight of these two men filled my view.

My boy let Lance suck him for a few minutes, guiding his partner’s head as he gently fucked it. If I hadn’t been so ready to burst already, it would have been sweet, how thoughtful my lover was being with this younger boy. Instead, I found myself thrown into the frantic swells of a looming orgasm, my thighs shook as my fingers danced in little circles across my clit.

I squealed out, my eyes closed, my legs clamped, trapping my hands. “Oh fuck yes,” I cried out. I nearly lost sight of the boys for a moment, until I finally collapsed back deeper into the couch. My legs fell slack, and I let my hands just hang, draped over my throbbing pussy. I panted, and realized they had taken my cumming as a cue.

My pet laid on the blankets, on his stomach, his ass tipped up. Lance moved behind him sitting back his knees. He grabbed a condom and some lube from the table beside them. My pet’s eyes were trained on me, as Lance furiously ripped open the condom and rolled it down over his dick. He poured some lube onto his hand and stroked it a few times.

“Put some on me too, dude,” my pet said back to him. Lance poured a generous squirt of lube on my boy’s ass. I watched as it trickled down between his willing cheeks. Lance ran a hand down to my boy’s ass and I watched him slowly spread it all over. I took a deep breath, as my fingers began their not so delicate work again.

Lance slid forward, pressing his cock between my pet’s ass cheeks. I gasped as I watched it disappear, my boy letting out a delightful groan as he took the tip of Lance’s dick. “Aaaahhh,” he moaned, and Lance began patiently working himself inside my pet’s tight hole. Soon, he began pumping his hips, grinding deeper and deeper inside my boy’s ass, taking him like he was the one who owned him.

I let myself get lost in the sight of them fucking, my hands doing what they knew to do so well. I felt another crest coming for me, as I watched this young boy fuck my pet, my man, with abandon – such a beautiful sight. I bit my lip and then cried out again, spreading myself open as I rode the waves of pleasure surging through my body.

Such a beautiful sight. Such a fucking beautiful sight.


Ariana Paige is a lifestyle dominant and an author of erotic fiction. Her new eBook, With Lustful Intent, hits on Tuesday, June 28. Her first erotic title, “The Houseboy” is available here, or visit her author page.

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