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What Readers Say


“The characters feel very believable and sympathetic, and the actual story has a ‘realistic’ feel while also being hot and kinky.”

“Good thing there are extra batteries in the night table!”

“A fascinating read and felt like a very realistic portrayal of how one might enter and practice the pain and pleasure of consensual BDSM play. And it’s pretty HOT!”

“It seems all very innocent and even sweet, the way Ariana Paige unfolds her tale, and the reader can’t help but be seduced into the wild femdom ride that swiftly follows.”

“This was a fun read!”

“Skillfully written from the judicious choice of delicious words to the meticulous pacing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Karen and Mark have a great dynamic and the femdom scenes are hot.”

“An exciting tale sure to entertain (and arouse) fans of dominant women and submissive men.”

“I love your writing. … please please continue with your story. Your readers, as well as I, will enjoy it very much.”

“More please!”

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