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When My Own Writing Turns Me On

I catch myself, breathing a little faster, my toes curling just a bit. Captivated by the words on the screen, I need to know what happens next. What is she going to do to him? How will she do it? How will he respond?

These characters come to life before my eyes and in my head, doing their naughty best to amuse themselves and seemingly unaware of the wonderful, voyeuristic charge they send through me. Oh, to be there with them, to know what they feel. My own senses spin their wheels, searching for the touch, the smells, the tastes that they experience for me.

These little people on my screen become as real as anyone I know, exposing their bodies, their lusts, their emotions without a single thought to my prying eyes. All is ripped bare. I cannot bring myself to look away, desiring more, wishing to see and feel it all through their own naked eyes.

That’s when I know it’s good.

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