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Review of The Houseboy – Part 2: “Absolutely Fantastic”

My latest ebook, The Houseboy – Part 2, received a wonderful review from Reviewer Canadian Rebel writes, “I *loved* this story. ” An excerpt: Absolutely fantastic. Witty and sweet, and the sexual scenes were tastefully done – and then some. Even reading this in public did not bother me – no lame language or annoying […]

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Contest: Be the Star of an Original Erotic Story

Have you ever dreamed of being an ass-kicking dominatrix or a slave held captive by a cruelly strong hunk, as well as your own secret passions for him? Now is your chance to live out your fantasies on the pages of an original erotic book! Just complete the form on my website, and I will […]

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Interview with The 131 Preview Review

I recently did an interview with writer and blogger S.I. Hayes for her 131 Preview Review blog. Our conversation delved into everything from my favorite kinky toys to boobs and blow jobs, as well as a good bit about my books and characters too! We had a fun time chatting, and I’m sure you will […]

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Review: “Required #FemDom Reading for your Weekend”

“A fascinating read and felt like a very realistic portrayal of how one might enter and practice the pain and pleasure of consensual  BDSM play. I know I said this already but it’s pretty HOT!” That’s the word from She Writes. She Roars on my BDSM erotica book Two in the Hand, which is available from […]

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Good Boy

“Take off your pants.” That one simple phrase She uttered scared me. Her voice always felt commanding, yet She never spoke her orders with the least bit of anger. They were simple utterances meant to direct my action, her intentions always painfully clear. My job was not to interpret them or to give the least […]

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An Update on my Writing Schedule

No, no, do NOT panic. I’m still writing, more than ever before actually. But sometimes along the way something happens. In my case, I discovered a really great book inside me that I want to take a bit more time to work on. I am now 30,000 words into a novel (working title is In […]

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Summer’s End

I have had quite the summer. A trip to Lake Tahoe, lots of time at the pool, plenty of fun with my boy, and a shit ton of writing. Before June 9th, I was not a published writer. I was a dirty-minded chick who wrote stuff from time to time, but never shared any of […]

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Two in the Hand: “NOT YOUR TYPICAL 50SOG Bullshit”

My book, Two in the Hand, received a glowing review from S.I. Hayes‘s The 131 Preview Review. I will be doing an interview with S.I. Hayes next week to discuss Two in the Hand, and whatever other naughty topics and dark shadows we may wander into. I will be sure to share that interview with you. […]

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Five More Stars for The Houseboy – Part 2

Sometimes when I read a review, I am truly blown away by the praise that some stranger offers up. With the newest review for The Houseboy – Part 2, I am sitting here, literally blushing on my couch. Usually it takes something far naughtier than kind words to get a reaction like that from me. […]

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Top 100 … Almost – Download The Houseboy – Part 2 Now!

Hi! I just wanted to drop you a really quick note to remind you that The Houseboy – Part 2 is available on right now! It is FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers too. I’m excited about the book, and so far the early sales and reviews have been great. So great, in fact, that […]

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